Today, two stocks held in Sabrient's Stock Trader's Blueprint Portfolio, Frontier Oil (FTO) and Holly Corp. (HOC), merged to form HollyFrontier Corp. (HFC). Yesterday FTO closed at $32.31 and HOC closed at $67.54. Today HFC opened at $69.00 and finished trading at $71.86 --higher than the previous value of either stock, for a gain of 3.54%. Read more about Stock Alert: FTO and HOC Merge to HFC

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Walter Gault, Sabrient's communications editor, has picked 4 energy stocks you might want to consider for your portfolio.  Each has have exceptional projected earnings and is trading at a low price -- in other words, GARP stocks -- Growth At a Reasonable Price -- in the Energy sector. Read more about 4 Energy Stocks to Light up Your Fourth

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The President of Pacific Park Financial, Inc., Gary Gordon, likes what he sees from the Guggenheim Insider Sentiment ETF (NFO). Read more about Guggenheim Insider Sentiment ETF Gets Good Looks

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New Offices For Sabrient Systems

Equity Research Firm Moves to La Cumbre Area

Santa Barbara, Calif., June 1-- Sabrient Systems, LLC, has new office space for its headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. The new address is 115 South La Cumbre Lane, Suite 100, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. The telephone number, 805-730-7777, remains the same. Read more about New Offices For Sabrient Systems: Equity Research Firm Moves to La Cumbre Area

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ShareBuilder Renamed ING DIRECT Investing, Adds Sabrient Research to Website

ING DIRECT USA, the nation's largest direct bank, has announced that ShareBuilder Securities Corporation, its broker-dealer subsidiary, will be renamed ING DIRECT Investing, Inc.  With a redesigned website, ING DIRECT now offers ratings reports from Sabrient and other research providers. Read more about Sabrient Research Added to New ING DIRECT Investing Website

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The MESA-Sabrient Trading Alerts on Friday April 15th alerted members to enter long Polaris Industries, Inc. (PII) at the open, April 18th .  PII opened on Monday at $90.16 and closed Thursday April 21st at $106.16, a +17.7% increase for the week.  (Markets will be closed Friday, April 22 in observance of Good Friday.) Read more about Timing is Everything—MESA-Sabrient Alert April 15th: PII Skyrockets 17.7%

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Sabrient Systems Names Rick Hoselton
as Director of Information Technology

Hoselton to Focus on Development and Testing of Investment Strategies

Santa Barbara, Calif., April 9 -- Sabrient Systems, LLC President Scott Brown has announced Rick Hoselton as Sabrient’s Director of Information Technology (IT).  Hoselton assumed his new position in January. Read more about News & Views: Sabrient Systems Names Rick Hoselton to Manage IT Objectives

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Sabrient Partners with Options Industry Veteran
Stutland Volatility Group to Launch Stutland Volatility Funds

Long/Short Expertise Anchors the Joint Venture

Read more about News & Views: Launch of Stutland Volatility Funds

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Top Stocks for 2011:  Up +5.23%

Sabrient's 13 Top Stocks for 2011 -- our Baker's Dozen --  are up an average of +5.23% since December 31, 2010.

These are GARP stocks -- high earnings growth at a reasonable valuation -- from companies that  have solid accounting practices. Read more about News & Views: Sabrient's Top Stocks for 2011 Up +5.23%

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