Sabrient Earnings Busters Portfolio

The Best Kept Secret in Investing . . . Until Now

The Earnings Busters Portfolio was launched on January 30, 2009.  Managed by David Brown, Sabrient’s chief market strategist, the portfolio has gained +164.8%, compounded, since inception (January 30, 2009) through March 12, 2013.  That's an average of more than 40% per year for the past 4 years!

Earnings Busters Strategy

The original portfolio was built over 13 weeks, with a new position added each week until the portfolio contained 13 stocks (which is how we suggest new subscribers build their portfolios).

  • Each position is personally selected by David Brown from a universe of top stocks ranked weekly by the Sabrient quantitative methodology.
  • Every week, the oldest position is reviewed  and renewed or replaced—if it still meets the strategy requirements, it is renewed; if it does not, it is replaced with a stock that meets the requirements.
  • Emphasis is given to the Sabrient Outlook Score which measures a company’s forward looking prospects based on analysts’ earnings estimates for the next quarter and next year, the company’s short-term earnings growth rate (1 to 3 years), and positive revisions by analysts making those projections.
  • Forward P/E is considered but it is less emphasized that in the Baker’s Dozen, which are classic GARP stocks.
  • Stocks must carry a Sabrient Strong Buy or Buy rating at the time of selection. At the time of renewal, a Hold rating is acceptable.

The Earnings Busters Portfolio is part of the Sabrient Platinum Subscription:- $37.50/month or $455/year.  Click here to subscribe.

Earnings Busters vs. Baker’s Dozen Strategy

The Earnings Busters strategy differs from the Baker’s Dozen in two ways.

  1. The  Baker’s Dozen is a long-term “buy-and-hold” portfolio, with stocks selected at the beginning of the year and held for a full year, while Earnings Busters is a “rolling” shorter-term portfolio, with each stock held for 13 weeks, at which time it is reviewed and either renewed or replaced.
  2. The Baker’s Dozen are classic GARP stocks, with an emphasis on “growth at a reasonable price,” while Earnings Busters are “high growth” stocks; valuation based on forward P/E is considered, but it much less emphasized in this shorter term portfolio.   
Performance Comparison

This table compares the annual results of Earnings Busters to the Sabrient’s Baker’s Dozen and the S&P 500 Index:

The Earnings Busters Portfolio is part of the Sabrient Platinum Subscription:- $37.50/month or $455/year.  Click here to subscribe.