Baker's Dozen Portfolios

The Sabrient Baker's Dozen selections have been announced at the beginning of the year for the past five years. They are 13 top-ranked stocks that represent a cross-section of industries, score particularly well in our system, and appear positioned to perform well in the coming year. They are GARP stocks—stocks that represent growth at a reasonable price—and they are meant to be held for the full 12 months. The performance is shown below. Please visit our Baker's Dozen website to subscribe to the Baker's Dozen 2014 and to see the past portfolios.

2013     +54.12%
2012     +43.05%
2011     +  7.28%
2010     +21.25%
2009     +35.50%

Sabrient UITs

Sabrient has created several series of Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) which are sponsored by First Trust Portfolios. Here is their performance.

Sabrient Indices

Sabrient has five indices that date back to 2006. You can see their performance here..

Sabrient Tracking ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) sponsored by Guggenheim, Direxion, and iShares track the Sabrient indices. You can view their performance here.