Financial Advisors Subscriptions

Thanks for your interest in Sabrient's Financial Advisors Package.  The subscription price is $125.00/month, with automatically recurring monthly payments.

To subscribe, please click the Subscribe button. You will be billed $125.00 per month automatically by PayPal, a third-party site.

NOTE: Sabrient reserves the right to change or terminate the Financial Advisors program at any time.  In the event of termination, monthly subscriptions will continue until the next billing date; for annual subscriptions, the unused portion of the subscription fee will be refunded, without further liability. 

CANCELATION POLICY:  You may cancel a monthly subscription at any time. The cancellation would be effective on the billing date following the date of cancellation; e.g., if you subscribe on January 5 and cancel on February 15, your subscription would continue until March 4 and you would not be billed for March.  In other words, we do not refund partial months.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION:  Sabrient does not maintain sensitive confidential information, such as credit card numbers, etc, which are maintained by PayPal, a third-party site. Once you click Subscribe, you will no longer be on Sabrient’s website but will access the PayPal website. Third-party links are provided for convenience only and should not be interpreted to be an endorsement of any kind.

Sabrient will maintain subscriber’s name, email, type of account, address and telephone phone number in accordance with our privacy policy.