A Baker's Dozen Of Top Value-Stocks For 2012: Part IV

Here is an excerpt from Daniel Sckolnik's latest article on Seeking Alpha:

Below you'll find a comparison of the Baker's Dozen stock's earnings growth rate with the Sabrient 1000 GARP. This is an internal "index" of 1000 top-ranked stocks that have the highest "growth at a reasonable price." The index is updated weekly by ranking 3,000 stocks based on, among other things, their annualized 5-year earnings growth rate, P/E ratio, and projected P/E ratio (PPE). The top 1000 of those stocks become the Sabrient 1000 GARP.

At the end of the first week of January 2012, the Sabrient 1000 GARP had:

  1. An annualized 5-rr. EPS growth rate of 10.2%.
  2. A current P/E ratio of 15.1.
  3. A projected P/E ratio of 11.45

Here are three more of the stocks that made the final cut of the Baker's Dozen cake:

-Coming in at #10 is DXP Enterprises, Inc. (DXPE), which is engaged in the business of distributing maintenance, repair and operating products, equipment and service to industrial customers. Its product categories include bearings and power transmission, fluid handling and power, and safety and industrial supplies.

DXPE is expected to grow earnings by 50% this year and over 25% per year during the next five years. It carries a Sabrient Buy rating with an Outlook score of 76 and a Growth score of 71. Its price has been on a tear since October, which is why its projected P/E of 14.97 is the highest among the Baker's Dozen stocks. Nevertheless, DXPE remains extremely well positioned to outperform going forward.

To read more about the next 2 Baker's Dozen stocks, AGCO and DAN, see Daniel's entire article on Seeking Alpha.

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