Sabrient UITs

Sabrient has partnered with First Trust Portfolios for several series of Unit Investment Trust portfolios (UITs).

Sabrient Baker's Dozen Portfolio

The Sabrient Baker's Dozen Portfolio (UIT) is based on the highly successful Baker's Dozen portfolios that have outperformed the S&P 500 Indexfor five consecutive years since its inception in 2009.

In this UIT, the 13 stocks are held for a full year and liquidated at the end of that period without additional effort by the investor. It is a turnkey product for investors who want to hold stocks for one year and receive the preferential capital gains treatment of a long-term investment. The 2013 Baker's Dozen UIT gained +55.07% for the year. The Baker's Dozen 2014 UIT was launched on January 13, 2014. Learn more.

Sabrient Dividend Series

The Sabrient Dividend Portfolio Series seeks to find companies with above-average dividend yields. The portfolios seek above-average total return through a combination of capital appreciation and dividend income. The stocks in the portfolios are selected by applying a seven-step investment strategy process developed by Sabrient. Learn more.

Sabrient Forward Looking Value Portfolio (UIT)

Sabrient Forward Looking Value Portfolio targets top stock performers within various sectors. The 25 stocks in this portfolio have been selected as top performers within their sector or industry in both price performance and value. Sabrient’s proprietary Earnings Quality Rank is incorporated with this UIT to eliminate companies with aggressive accounting, due to the risk that they may have to restate earnings. Learn more.

Sabrient Weak Treasury Series

The Sabrient Weak Treasury Series is a unit investment trust (UIT) that seeks above-average capital appreciation. The stocks are selected for the portfolio by Sabrient, using a comprehensive investment strategy designed to find companies that are positioned to perform well in an environment of rising rising Treasury yields (i.e., caused by rising interest rates). Learn more.

Small Cap Growth Series

The Sabrient Small Cap Growth Series invests in 52 top-ranked small-cap stocks that represent a cross-section of industries that Sabrient believes are positioned to perform well in the coming year. The stocks are GARP stocks – stocks that we believe represent "growth at a reasonable price." Learn more.