Stock & ETF Rankings

Our quantitative methodology is used to generate a variety of top-ranked stock lists in numerous categories. We also provide top-performing and bottom-performing stocks in sectors and ETFs.

Top Stock Lists

Sabrient publishes a variety of “top stock lists” from the Sabrient ranked universe. The lists can focus on virtually any market segments or special investing niches a client desires. Currently, we publish the following Top 10 Lists on four market caps—Large, Mid, Small, and Micro—in each of three investing styles: Value, Growth and Momentum styles. We also publish a Top 10 All Caps list, which draws top-ranked stocks from all caps and styles. We also publish on special strategies, such as GARP (growth at a a reasonable price) and insider buying.

ETF Summaries

ETF Summaries is a multi-purpose tool that displays the daily performance of the 10 sector ETFs and allows you to "look under the hood" at the performance of three different groups of underlying stocks. Because we use a “bottom-up” approach in our quant analysis of ETFs and sectors, we can offer the top-ranked and bottom-ranked stocks in any of more than 400 ETFs or sectors.