The MacroReport

The MacroReport focuses on a specific macroeconomic trend or global event each month, analyzing possible effects of the trend on the U.S. and global economies. Each report provides an in-depth review of possible scenarios that the trend may produce. 

In previous months, we have focused on the Eurozone, with scenarios of a possible default by Greece or a war with Iran; on China, with analysis of  issues related to the widening of the yuan trading band and slowing of economic growth in China; on global oil, analyzing the effects on crude oil prices of various macroeconomic events; and on central banks, with analyses of an inflationary scenario, a "paradox of thrift scenario, and a global recovery scenario. The October focus was on the U.S. Presidential Election, and November focused on the European Union.

In addition to our analysis of the trend and scenarios, we provide unique tools and model portfolios, based on our patented and proprietary quantitative analysis.

MacroReport InterActive is a virtual "time machine", allowing MacroReport subscribers to stay on top of the markets as different macroeconomic factors and trends analyzed in the reports are being played out in real time.  While the MacroReport itself is a monthly analysis of a specific trend published on a specific date, MacroReport InterActive (MRI) adds a dynamic dimension with daily and weekly updates to the scenarios, portfolios and correlation tables published in each report. MRI and the MacroReport are co-publications of Sabrient Systems and MacroRisk Analytics. 

Of particular interest are the QuickResponse™ Portfolios which are the basis for the Sabrient QuickResponse Indices

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