New Defensive Equity Portfolio Launched 


Santa Barbara, CA – August 21, 2019: A new Sabrient Defensive Equity UIT Portfolio (FBWJRX), 21st in the series, was launched by First Trust Portfolios on August 21, 2019, 2019. The portfolio will terminate on November 23, 2020.

The Defensive Equity UITs seek to find companies that are positioned to perform well in environments of falling stock prices but also those companies that have the potential to provide solid performance in rising markets. The portfolio consists of approximately 50 stocks selected by with a comprehensive strategy developed by Sabrient.

The strategy includes the Sabrient Earnings Quality Rank (EQR), a proprietary forensic accounting factor that ranks the conservatism of a company’s accounting. Companies with aggressive accounting practices are penalized in the rankings, while companies with overly aggressive accounting practices are eliminated in an effort to avoid companies that could be overstating or even “creating” the reported growth.

The Defensive Equity Series was originally launched in October 2014. You can see a list of all Defensive Equity UIT portfolios here with links to their performance pages on First Trust Portfolios.

To follow the performance of this portfolio or to obtain an FAQ or prospectus, go to the First Trust Portfolios website and enter the portfolio ticker.


Sabrient Systems is an independent investment research firm offering both quantitative and qualitative research. Sabrient uses a fundamentals-based, quantitative approach to build powerful investment strategies for the creation of stock indices (tracked by ETFs), unit investment trusts (UITs), and other types of investable products for portfolio managers and fund sponsors. These strategies are also used to create rankings and ratings on more than 5,000 equities, resulting in investor products for retail customers of brokerage firms, professional advisors, and private wealth managers. Sabrient’s subsidiary Gradient Analytics, acquired in 2011, offers expertise in financial analysis, forensic accounting, and executive behavior. Sabrient is based in Santa Barbara, California.

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