Okay.  A bit over the top. But consider this.

The Sabrient Baker’s Dozen, first published in 2009, has beaten the S&P 500 Index by an average 12.9%  for four years running—and the 2012 Dozen closed out the year with a 43.05% gain . . .  more than tripling the performance of the S&P 500.

An Oscar-worthy performance, don’t you think?

This stellar performance has created the demand for a Baker’s Dozen Unit Investment Trust (UIT) to be launched on January 11, which is the reason for the late unveiling of the Baker’s Dozen this year.

The Baker’s Dozen Exclusive

We are happy to offer you the 2013 Baker’s Dozen Exclusive, which includes:

  • The Baker's Dozen 2013 Video, to be released after market close on January 10 and available "on demand" for the next 30 days, includes an interview with David Brown in which he announces the 13 Baker’s Dozen stocks for 2013 and discuss the reasons why each stock made the cut.  Available Thursday, January 10, after market close and “on demand” anytime within the next 30 days
  • Four Bonus Stock Picks, released December 31, available to you immediately, on-demand.. These four stocks are up 4.29% YTD.
  • The Baker’s Dozen 2013 Special Report, a 20-page report that provides the methodology used in selecting the Baker’s Dozen stocks, David Brown’s rationale behind his selections and the scores used in his analysis, and a market and sector overview for the coming year. Available Thursday, January 10, after market close.

These exclusive  videos, report, and bonus stocks are available ONLY to Baker's Dozen 2013 subscribers.