It is fairly clear that what the market wants is a solution, or more likely, an entire truckload of solutions, to the issues that have polarized the globe. I hope you’ve noticed that the market passionately hates uncertainty!  The market’s behavior of the last few weeks speaks to this attitude.

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Editor’s note: Walt Gault is the guest author this week. David Brown will be back next week.

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Be Patient

Editor’s note: Walt Gault is the guest author this week. David Brown will be back next week.

Today, stocks traded lower for their third straight session. The markets were down on news that China had cut its 2012 growth forecast to an eight-year low of 7.5%. Factory orders came in better-than-expected, albeit -1%, versus the expected -1.6%.

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Here is an excerpt from Daniel Sckolnik's latest article on Seeking Alpha:

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New Dynamic?

Editor’s Note:  Walter Gault is our guest editor this week. Walter is stock analyst and communications editor at Sabrient.  David Brown, chief market strategist for Sabrient Systems, will be back next week.

This week marks the beginning of corporate earnings season. There was light trading today, as investors remained cautious.

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