Since 2006 Sabrient has used its multi-factor, 100-percent-rules-based quantitative methodology to build a unique index franchise. Our nontraditional approach incorporates macroeconomic and micro-dynamic strategies that layer alpha generation on beta exposure to sectors, style boxes, and a variety of market niches.The result is a growing family of innovative indices. Cap-specific and sector-specific indices are available for licensing.


Sabrient has partnered with First Trust Portfolios to create a series of Unit Investment Trusts (UITs). As of October 2021, we have five active series with dozens of portfolios within those series. Learn more about the Sabrient UITs.


Sabrient's current involvement in ETFs is two-pronged: (1) We license our EQR rank for use in ETF strategies, and (2) We  license our indices for tracking ETFs. Learn more about these ETFs.


Sabrient offers an actively-managed, long-only separately managed account (SMA). The strategy employs a bottom-up, algorithm-based screen combined with a fundamental analysis and forensic accounting review. Learn more about the Sabrient SMA.

Licensing Inquiries

To inquire about licensing a Sabrient strategy for an index, ETF, or UIT, please contact us at 805-730-7777 or