Attention: Wealth Managers

Attract new customers and retain current ones by enhancing their online investing experience with Sabrient’s suite of quantitative tools.

These tools can be customized to the needs and websites of investment banks, online brokers, banks, research vendors, and financial portals.


  • MyStockFinder: Our powerful but easy-to-use stock screener—MyStockFinder— allows your customers to create personalized “top stock lists” to match their investing preferences. Preset searches designed by Sabrient analysts add to the investing experience.
  • Stock Ratings Reports: We use our quantitative methodology to generate Buy-Hold-Sell ratings on nearly 5,000 US-listed stocks and ADRs and 1,500 Canadian-listed stocks. Each report shows how the subject company stacks up against the market, its industry group, and a selection of its peers.
  • ETF Ratings Reports: Using a bottom-up approach, we use our quantitative methodology to generate ratings on more than 400 equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • Top 10 Stock Lists: Daily updated lists of Sabrient top-ranked stocks in various investing niches can provide dozens of stock ideas for your retail customers.Current niches include value, growth and momentum investing styles, all caps, large caps, mid caps, small caps, micro caps, and GARP stocks.
  • Market Commentary with Actionable Ideas: Sector Detector, a weekly blog/newsletter written by Sabrient Senior Vice President Scott Martindale, analyzes the top and bottom sectors (as represented by ETFs), using the Sabrient SectorCast ranking model for a one-month forward look.
  • Educational Videos Sabrient's educational videos can help your customers become more knowledgeable investors. Current videos include "Why Earnings Matter" and "Beating the Cheaters: How to Avoid the Fallout from High-Risk Companies."
  • Custom Solutions: We can customize our tools to meet your specific needs or create new ones based on your ideas.Contact us.