Sabrient UITs

Sabrient partnered with First Trust Portfolios in 2013 to create our first unit investment trust (UIT), which was the 2013 Baker's Dozen UIT. As of June 2020, we have dozens of current portfolios within seven series, as shown in the table below. To learn more about a series, click the Series Name. That will take you to a page that lists all the portfolios within that series, both current and terminated, with links to portfolio details on the First Trust website.

Updated:  October 7, 2021                                                                          Learn about the UIT Process.

UIT Series
Baker's Dozen January 2013 5 42 Beginning 2020, Quarterly, 15-month term
Dividend April 2013 8 29 Quarterly - 24-month term
Dividend Opportunity April 2018 1 10 Series will be discontinued on 12-28-21
Forward Looking Value June 2013 2 7 Annual - 15-month term
Small Cap Growth February 2014 4 27 Quarterly - 15-month term
Discontinued Series
Rising Rate June 2017 0 12 Series Discontinued August 2021
Defensive Equity October 2014 0 21 Series Discontiniued  November 2020
International Opportunity June 2018 0 2 Series Discontiniued December 2019
Weak Treasury Series June 2015 0 5    Replaced by Rising Rate Series