SmartLights is a combination of a powerful stock screener and an even more powerful stock analysis app.

Stock Screener:  With SmartLights you can run stock searches that will display stocks that have the best scores in various categories based on Sabrient’s proprietary algorithms. You can also run quick searches to see the day's most active, the top % gainers, and the top percentage losers.

Stock Analysis: You can analyze a security of your choice using one or more of the Sabrient scores (and other metrics), as well as analyze a portfolio of stocks in the same way.

You can also create your own "security sets" which include your favorite scores with which to analyze a stock. For example, if you are partial to dividend stocks with high growth, create a security set with the Sabrient Scores Dividend, GARP, and GQR.

Sabrient Scores: Sabrient scores include Bear Score, Bull Score, Defender Score, Dividend Score, Earnings Quality Rank (EQR) Growth Quality Rank (GQR), GARP Score, Value Score and Momentum Score. Here are definitions of the Sabrient Scores.

Included with a SmartLights Subscription:  A SmartLights Subscriptioon also includes access to Sabrient's Earnings Busters Portfolio, ETF Rankings, Sector Detector Newsletter, and the Baker's Dozen Model Portfolios.

To subscribe to SmartLights click here.