First Trust Long/Short Equity ETF
Portfolio Name     Ticker Inception Inception Price
First Trust Long/Short Equity ETF FTLS 09/08/14 $30.00

FTLS uses Sabrient's EQR rank in its strategy and is licensed to First Trust Portfolio.  FTLS has a 4 Star rating from Morningstar (as of 3/31/18). Click the ETF name for more information on the First Trust website.

Earnings Quality Rank (EQR): The ETF's selection strategy for long and short positions incorporates the Sabrient/Gradient Earnings Quality Rank (EQR Rank), a proprietary forensic accounting factor. Research by Sabrient Systems and Gradient Analytics has shown that aggressive accounting practices (low quality earnings) are associated with lower future stock returns compared to those companies with more conservative accounting practices (higher quality earnings).