MyStockFinder is a powerful stock screener that uses a short questionnaire to discover the kinds of stocks the user wants to see. It then displays a list of 10 to 50 top-ranked stocks personalized to the user’s preferences. The questionnaire includes ten questions that allow the user to:

  • Define certain parameters of the universe to be searched, such as market cap, sectors, and minimum/maximum values for price, volume, P/E ratio, and price-to-book ratio.
  • Limit the search to only stocks rated Strong Buy; Buy and Strong Buy; or Buy, Strong Buy, and Hold.
  • Specify the relative importance of five investing styles—Value, Growth, Momentum, Income, or Technical—to a single search.
  • Specify the relative importance of six stock attributes, including earnings quality, balance sheet strength, strength of fundamentals, group strength, and short-term and long-term technical strength.
  • Specify relative importance of insider buying and recent EPS revisions by analysts.
  • Indicate level of risk vs. reward they’re willing to take.

On the Results screen, the user can click a ticker to retrieve a Sabrient Stock Ratings Report, which provides additional information on the reasons for the Sabrient ratings and scores. Users can save their favorite searches or use preset searches designed by investment professionals. Preset searches include: GARP, High Growth (large caps, small caps, or micro-caps); High Dividend Yield; and high momentum.