Baker's Dozen Model Portfolio & Report

Baker's Dozen 2012 Portfolio

The Baker's Dozen Model Portfolio.has been released by Sabrient every January since 2009. The portfolio consists of 13 stocks that Sabrient believes are positioned to perform well in the coming year. They are GARP stocks – stocks that Sabrient believes represent growth at a reasonable price. The stocks are meant to be held until the next portfolio is released the following year.

For six out of eight years the Baker's Dozen Portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 Index.  You can see the performance of past portfolios on the Baker's Dozen website.

Baker's Dozen Report

The January Baker's Dozen model portfolio is accompanied by a comprehensive report that describes our selection process and the rationale for each of the selected stocks. Subscribers to the Financial Advisors Program can download the new January report each year and view the portfolio performance at the Baker's Dozen site.

You will need to log in with your Advisors ID and password to download the report or view the portfolio.

In addition, Sabrient now publishes a new Baker’s Dozen portfolio every month, although only the January portfolio is accompanied by a comprehensive report. Subscribers can view the latest monthly selections and track the performance of each Model Portfolio at the Baker’s Dozen site. Each Model Portfolio assumes equal weightings for each position, i.e., 100% ÷ 13 = 7.7% each, and initial share prices are assumed to be the closing prices on the first day of publication. Also, there is no assumption regarding fees, sales charges, transaction costs, or slippage.

The Baker's Dozen UITs

In 2013, the January Baker's Dozen became available in an annual unit investment trust (UIT) sponsored by First Trust Portfolios, comprising the same 13 picks that we publish in our Model Portfolio. However, the individual position weights may be different, as determined by First Trust, to accommodate any liquidity constraints deemed necessary to ensure capacity.

Starting in April 2017, Sabrient began publishing a monthly Baker's Dozen portfolio, which First Trust also packages and issues as a UIT. To reiterate, although the constituents will be the same, the monthly Baker's Dozen Model Portfolios will differ from the First Trust UIT portfolios (and associated performance tracking) in the individual position weightings, daily pricing during the sales period, and applicable fees.