What the Market Wants: The Sabrient Baker's Dozen

Today, the market had its best single-session move in more than two weeks. Spurred by a lack of economic data before the market open and positive performances in foreign markets, stocks opened up and stayed positive on better than expected economic data. The S&P 500 finished up +1.55%.

Sabrient is introducing the "Baker's Dozen" Top Stocks for 2012 in a free live InterActive Webcast, Thursday, January 5th at 1:30PT/4:30ET. Registration is free.

Each year, we compile a diverse group of stocks that display particularly high quality and growth potential relative to their peers and appear to be well-positioned to outperform going forward. We call them the Sabrient “Baker’s Dozen.” They are 13 stocks that represent a cross-section of sectors and industries, with particular focus on the highest ranked sectors from our proprietary SectorCast bottom-up scoring model. These 13 stocks score particularly well in our system, yet they are not necessarily the household names that you already know.

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Come to Sabrient's free live InterActive WebCast, where the Baker's Dozen will be revealed.

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What the Market Wants
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