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Updated: 56 min 57 sec ago

Volatile Coronavirus Biotech Stock Plays

1 hour 22 min ago
Here are many of the well-followed life science stocks that are in the news with diagnostics, drugs and vaccines that may have an impact on the COVD-19 pandemic.

USD/MXN Price Analysis: US Dollar To Mexican Peso Eyes Fresh Highs

3 hours 7 min ago
The US Dollar churned steadily higher relative to its Mexican Peso counterpart last week. The 5% rise in spot USD/MXN price action, which pushed the top emerging market currency pair to the 25.000 handle and 2% below its all-time high.

Cannabis Central: Sector Declined 11.4% Last Week; Only These 5 Advanced

3 hours 19 min ago
Only 32 of the universe of 319 pot stocks closed last week above US$1/share declining -10.8%, on average, versus -6.2% the previous week, and slightly less than the -11.4% decline, on average, for the entire sector.

Stock Market Crash Update #7: 5 Stocks To Buy For A Stock Market Bottom

3 hours 23 min ago
Investors around the world are trying to figure out when will the stock market stop falling, hit bottom and finally recover for a rebound. I provide the technical analysis on which stocks to invest in and buy once the stock market hits bottom.

Markets Down - Where To Invest Now

3 hours 32 min ago
Markets are down because the perennial optimist President Trump now fears there will be many US deaths after all. This chopped the US opening for Q2. He also finally agreed to do some classic pump priming using infrastructure investment.

Bailout Bonus Bonanza Going Bonkers … Again

3 hours 57 min ago
Bankers are threatening to release the button on their suicide vests and blow themselves up by not taking the bailouts if they can’t have their bonuses.

Canadian Dollar Price Outlook: USD/CAD Coils After Loonie Breakdown

4 hours 6 min ago
While the US Dollar had gained as much as 8.8% last month, USD/CAD had moved up by as much as 10.2%; highlighting that additional CAD weakness that helped to push USD/CAD up to a fresh four-year-high.

Letting Options Tell You When To Avoid Stocks

4 hours 32 min ago
In this article, we discuss how an options screen you can perform with a few taps of your thumb on your iPhone can help you avoid stocks before they plummet.

They Fought The Fed And Lost: How Powell Triggered A "Spectacular" Short Squeeze In LQD

4 hours 37 min ago
with shorts no longer allowed to speculate in IG debt or anything less risky only a few things remain subject to the whims of markets: junk bonds and stocks. After the epic squeeze in LQD, the short base on both HY ETFs and the SPY remains elevated.

A New Interpretation For A Surge In Google Searches For "Recession"

4 hours 50 min ago
Recession fears are palpable. Concerns about a Depression-level calamity are elevated. I take another look at how to interpret Google Trends which reveal these fears through relative search volume. They could speak to the sustainability of a bottom.

Major Technical Failures Confirm Bear Market Risk

4 hours 57 min ago
The markets have been clinging onto hope that as soon as the virus passes, there will be a sharp V-shaped recovery in the economy and markets. We acknowledge there will likely be a short-term market surge as the economy initially comes back online.

March Job Losses Hit 700K, Nearly 30 Million More Projected By May

5 hours 31 min ago
The United States is staring in the face of a very difficult economic period. With the March jobs report showing losses of over seven hundred thousand, April will be a bloodbath with job losses approaching 30 million.

Australian Dollar At Risk As Markets Eye Third Coronavirus Rate Cut

5 hours 40 min ago
The Australian Dollar’s trading week will be dominated like that of all other assets by the coronavirus’ spread, but its domestic monetary response will once again be in focus too with an interest rate decision from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

4 Stocks To Watch For The Week Of April 6

5 hours 49 min ago
Stocks had a rough day on Friday, April 3, after the unemployment report came in much weaker than expected. It resulted in the S&P 500 (SPY) trading down by about 1.5%, which wasn’t bad, but it could have been much worse.

Week in Review: Signs of Life After Coronavirus -- China Biopharma Scores $721 Million in Deals

6 hours 13 min ago
Shanghai ZhenGe Biotech, a China CDMO, completed a $51 million Series A financing round led by Shanghai-based healthcare investment firm Lyfe Capita. The company will use the proceeds for additional hires and to expand its Shanghai R&D center

Cannabis Central: Sector Declined 2.5% On Friday With Only These 9 Non-Penny Pot Stocks Advancing

6 hours 23 min ago
Today's article identifies the three non-penny pot stocks that advanced by 5% or more on Friday, the 10 stocks that declined by more than 5% and eight of the remaining stocks that warrant mentioning.

Are Small-Cap ETFs in Trouble?

6 hours 27 min ago
After hitting a peak in mid-February, the Wall Street tumbled into a bear market in less than a month, triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak. Though the decline was broad-based, small-cap stocks fared worse than their large- and mid-cap counterparts.

How The Fed Fixed The Repo Crisis

6 hours 41 min ago
In just four days' time, the Fed has stuffed more than half a trillion cash in QE back into bank reserves, which has sucked up any backed-up surplus of treasuries the primary treasury dealer banks had by permanently replacing those with cash.

The Civilian Labor Force, Unemployment Claims And The Business Cycle - Saturday, April 4

6 hours 49 min ago
Every week we post an update on new unemployment claims shortly after the BLS report is made available. Our focus is the four-week moving average of this rather volatile indicator.

Economic Data Forecasts For The Weeks Of April 6 And April 13

6 hours 58 min ago
Here are my forecasts for upcoming economic data including such important releases as Initial Unemployment Claims, Core CPI and Retail Sales.