Monday was yet another up-day for the S&P 500 Index as it reached 1704.95, narrowly missing its all-time high of 1709.67 set in August, but the index closed at 1697.60, up +0.57%. The Dow was also up, +0.77%, but the Nasdaq fell -0.12%

The day’s strength was chiefly attributed to a combination of Larry Summers stepping aside as the likely nominee for the new Fed chief and the signing of the agreement between Russia and the US on a method to require Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to the international control. Summers had been under fierce opposition even from Democrats, after being favored by President Obama.

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So, what did the market want today?  Nothing it appears.  It traded on weak volume and had very little movement.  This morning the market hated commodities especially silver, but by days end, the market liked silver, gold and even oil but not the dollar.  Why?

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First and foremost, the week will be filled with important earning reports, along with forward guidance from most reporting companies.  Google (GOOG), Texas Instruments (TXN), and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) kick off the week for the Technology sector after today’s market.  Delta Airlines (DAL) met its projected numbers and is being rewarded as we write with a 3.3% gain.  The Materials Sector (XLB) is doing well following strong earnings reports by Freep

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