The coming week should reduce uncertainty, at least slightly, since we get a bevy of new economic data and 15% of the S&P 500 reports.  And maybe Spain will decide whether or not it needs help.  Furthermore, we will have the next-to-last Presidential debate tomorrow night. 

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In our last article (September 8, 2012), we commented on the likelihood that the United States would follow the ECB in implementing a form of QE3, which in fact happened.  It happened with such a magnitude that many “experts” have given the impression that Fed Chairman Bernanke “better slow (his) Mustang down.” The argument for or against QE3 is best left for another day, but I believe it is safe to say that the re-opening of the printing machine will help prop the market up in the short term, allowing us to make safer additions to our Dark Horse Traders’ Hedge long positions.

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Last week, the spotlight of worry was back on Greece’s solvency. This week it is Spain’s turn again to spook us. Greece, Spain, and Italy are in economic disarray, and the prospect of growing their way out of trouble appears unlikely given the recessionary forces. Even emerging market darlings like Brazil, China, and India are struggling. Although U.S.

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