Uncertainties Cloud Market's Progress

We still don’t know what the market wants or what it will get. The market continued inching ahead, up about +0.40% over the last 5 days, but it was down sharply this morning for a loss today.

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From Roses to Thorns?

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

Last week things looked rosy for the markets, after the European bailout fund was finally ratified by the last holdout, Slovakia, just 10 days before the October 23 EU summit.

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Well she don’t like it when it’s cut n’ dry
And don’t like me makin’ future plans
She don’t want me tryin’ to pin her down
She ain’t about to give an inch of ground, no

Well she can take me for a little ride
Just as long as she drive me home
Around the block, maybe once or twice
And then some lovin’ wouldn’t that be nice

I won’t, but I want it
Oh, what a fool believes
I got her in my sight
But just outta reach

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To follow the Dark Horse Hedge and read from the beginning (just last week), click here. - Ilene

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