Flight to Where?

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

Last week’s rally gave us the first positive week in a month, and it continued today, with the S&P 500 gaining a robust +3% in one day and barreling through the theoretical ceiling of 1200, to close at 1210.

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Volatile Market Might be Pounding Out a Bottom

Editor’s Note:  David Brown is on vacation.  Scott Martindale, Sabrient’s senior managing director, is this week’s guest editor.   Scott handles institutional sales & marketing for Sabrient. He also writes the weekly Sector Detector and manages the virtual Select Opportunity Portfolio.

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Last week, the stock market gave us epic swings. Bears came out with predictions of global economic meltdown as the market tanked, and then bulls came out trumpeting once-in-a-generation valuations when the market bounced.

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Google Scares the Bears Away -- Now What?

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

After one of the most volatile weeks in market history, Google (GOOG) single-handedly frightened the bears away this morning with its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility (MMI).

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Is it time to buy?

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

You never actually know when it's time to start buying stocks after a market drop, but let me give you a few "quantitative" hints.

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Contact: Rebecca Hardin

Sabrient #05-2011

Sabrient Systems Acquires Qualitative Research Unit of Gradient Analytics
Move Strengthens Sabrient’s Capabilities & Global Reach

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Though the Federal government avoided a debt default with an eleventh hour deal for raising the debt ceiling, investors are apparently unimpressed—especially given the uninspiring economic reports. This week, the Commerce Department reported that personal spending in June fell for the first time in two years. This was coupled with the weak ISM manufacturing report and last Friday’s weak GDP report.

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And the Oscar Goes to...

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

Despite spending much of the day below the 200-day moving average, the S&P 500 closed at 2986.94, just barely above the 200-day MA, thus, avoiding a marker that hasn’t occurred since last September.

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