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Here's an excerpt from second in a series of articles (read part I here) written by Daniel Sckolnik for Seeking Alpha that reviews Sabrient Systems annual 'Baker's Dozen', a list of 13 top-ranked stocks that was presented during a live webcast on January 5th, 2012:

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New Dynamic?

Editor’s Note:  Walter Gault is our guest editor this week. Walter is stock analyst and communications editor at Sabrient.  David Brown, chief market strategist for Sabrient Systems, will be back next week.

This week marks the beginning of corporate earnings season. There was light trading today, as investors remained cautious.

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Insiders Waking up to Smell the Coffee

by Robert Maltbie,

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Well she don’t like it when it’s cut n’ dry
And don’t like me makin’ future plans
She don’t want me tryin’ to pin her down
She ain’t about to give an inch of ground, no

Well she can take me for a little ride
Just as long as she drive me home
Around the block, maybe once or twice
And then some lovin’ wouldn’t that be nice

I won’t, but I want it
Oh, what a fool believes
I got her in my sight
But just outta reach

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Google Scares the Bears Away -- Now What?

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

After one of the most volatile weeks in market history, Google (GOOG) single-handedly frightened the bears away this morning with its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility (MMI).

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