Clearly, the rapid exit of dollars from the fixed income market has not yet translated into a rapid flow of dollars into the equity markets, but equities is where much of those funds will likely end up, given the rising risk of bonds. It is really a case of “who blinks first.” Assuming the stock market holds near the current support levels, it is our opinion that the bond contingent who have sold or will sell their bonds will blink first by purchasing equities.

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It was another week of wild mood-swings on Wall Street, as Ben Bernanke seemed to be intent on roiling the markets. Deliberate or not, the effect was the same, as investors seemed hesitant to jump in on the dips with the same enthusiasm that they have for the majority of the year so far. The question is, will the volatility express continue to barrel through the summer vacation months?

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Scott MartindaleThe world has been watching every peep, sniffle, or innuendo associated with any voting member of the FOMC. What is the future of the latest in their ongoing market manipulation, in which money is printed to buy bonds to hold down interest rates, spur corporate borrowing, and artificially inflate stocks? Lately, that’s all investors have cared about.

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The market responded well today to good economic news and to the positive and somewhat surprising response to the election of a moderate Iranian President.  Some moderation in Turkey didn’t hurt either, and overnight positive markets in Asia and Europe gave bullish investors enough encouragement to buy equities broadly. We think it likely that this week the market will challenge highs that were set in late May.

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The last couple of weeks has seen Wall Street moving in something of a sideways trend, though that hardly indicates the increased level of intraday volatility that the equity market has been experiencing since the last week of May. Will it be more of the same for the coming week? Bet on it . . .

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Scott MartindaleStock investors are protecting gains and holding off on deploying cash as concerns abound about central banks, including the Federal Reserve, tapering off on their stimulus programs, i.e., money printing. Low-interest policies and quantitative easing have been the driving force for economic recovery while pushing return-hungry investors into equities by default.

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Despite today’s roller-coaster market, the market ended up essentially flat. But questions abound. Will interest rates start rising now in a meaningful way? Will the European courts find yet another way to derail the country bail-outs? Will Asian issues result in something positive for our markets, or will Asia continue to vacillate on most matters? Those questions remain to be answered. In the meantime, we’ve found four stocks that may be right for this market, one in the Technology Sector, one in Financials, and two in Consumer Cyclicals. 

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The VIX is looking a little bit jumpy as of late, perhaps reflecting something of a rising wariness among investors in terms of risk.

Can the Bulls be standing on something of a slippery slope, about to slide towards a trend reversal? Or is it just a seasonal thing, with investors tightening up their portfolios prior to summer?


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Scott MartindaleHere in Santa Barbara, we refer to the annual summer ritual of heavy marine layer engulfing the coastline for much of the day as the “June gloom.” It can be frustrating to beach-going visitors since there are otherwise no clouds, and the inland areas are brilliantly sunny.

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The week started sluggishly with a little positive kick at today’s closing. All three major indices closed in slightly positive territory, despite spending most of the day in the red. Volume was decent for this time of the year.

We think it is significant that the markets closed up, since two of today’s economic reports were both below expectations. The ISM manufacturing index fell below the sacrosanct 50 level, compared to last month’s 50.7, and construction spending was up from last month’s weak -0.8%.  Auto and truck sales numbers, coming in this afternoon before the market closed, were better than expected, with 15.3M vehicles versus last month’ s 15.2M and an expected 15.25M.

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Nothing like a 300-point swing to light up the volatility index. That’s pretty much what happened last Friday, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) started the day with a nice little 70-point gain in the morning.

From that point on, however, investors seemed to lose their appetite for equities, as the Dow trended steadily downward for the remainder of the day. Steadily, that is, until the last 15 minutes of the trading session, when a sharp drop ensued as sellers proceeded without any noticeable resistance into the close.

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