Scott MartindaleStocks continued last week to seek some firmer footing, as prices found some support and volatility hit some resistance, and a flight to safety of global capital benefited long-term Treasury bonds -- the very assets that are supposed to be selling off in a secular “Great Rotation” into equities.

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As we close out a tumultuous year that took us from the depths of fear about the future of capitalism as we know it, to the heights of optimism, we enter 2010 with a cautious but hopeful view that the next shoe to drop—whatever it might be—will not lead to another maelstrom.

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For the second year, we are publishing our "Baker's Dozen" Top Stocks for the coming year, selected by our powerful FSYS system.

Here are five stocks from the 2010 report:  JRCC, JOYG, CACC, HUM, STEC.

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