Black Friday was black in more ways than one, with a number of negative events. Still the market held up reasonably well.  Perhaps there’s nowhere else to get an acceptable return on one’s cash. At least the stock market has shown some strength, and valuations with a few exceptions are reasonable from a historic perspective.

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Scott Martindale

Sabrient’s SectorCast ETF rankings solidified its defensive bent this week. Healthcare continues to lead, but Consumer Staples moved ahead of InfoTech into the second spot. On the bottom, Materials remains in the basement as the fundamentally most overvalued sector, but Industrials dropped quite a bit in the wake of its recent price momentum, which added to its already overvalued levels.

I rather expected the market to be somewhat slow this week, waiting to see what would happen on Black Friday (traditionally initiating the period when retailers go from posting a loss to turning a profit). Instead, the market rose rapidly this morning, up nearly 2% in the first couple of hours. It later tailed off a bit but still closed as a very good day.

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Scott Martindale

We are seeing only slight movement to Sabrient’s Sector Detector ETF rankings, as Healthcare, InfoTech, and Consumer Staples continue to lead, while Materials sinks further into the cellar and remains the fundamentally most overvalued sector. 

Latest rankings: This week, SectorCast-ETF indicates that Healthcare (XLV) remains solidly in front on a forward-looking basis, with the highest score of 93.

Since the unemployment release of 10.2% on November 6, virtually all economic releases have been modestly positive and the late reporting companies have had strong results (including revenues) and strong guidance.  So why has the market been going up and down on a daily basis over the past week?

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Scott Martindale

Healthcare, InfoTech, and Consumer Staples continue to lead in the Sector Detector ETF rankings, based on Sabrient’s fundamentals-based SectorCast model. Actually, they increased their scores this week relative to the other sectors as the bottom-up speculative rally led to further overvaluation in the fundamentally weaker sectors. 

Scott Martindale

Sabrient's research team posts a wide variety of useful data for internal reference, and much of it is used within our quantitative models and client deliverables. One of the things that we track is Net Insider Transactions.

Riding a wave of positive corporate announcements -- among them, CISCO (Nasdaq: CSCO); The Blackstone Group (NYSE: BX); Coca Cola Bottling (Nasdaq: COKE); and Dynergy (NYSE: DYN) -- and a number of positive economic releases, the market bullied its way through resistance to make net gains every day last week for the S&P 500. The result was a 3.2% gain for the S&P and consistent strong market action through all cap/styles and all sectors.

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Scott Martindale

You’ve heard it before: trading today’s stock market can be hazardous to both your wealth and health. The market can go up fast…and it can fall even faster. In such an environment, many sophisticated investors and portfolio managers turn to “absolute return” strategies that seek to make money no matter where the market goes.

Scott MartindaleSabrient’s fundamentals-based ETF rankings, based on our new and powerful SectorCast model, has proven to be quite predictive for identifying the best (most undervalued) and worst (most overvalued) sectors, with a 1-month forward look. This week, Healthcare continues to lead by a healthy margin.


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Volatility returned to the marketplace with a vengeance last week, and we should be prepared for more of the same this week. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the market moved 2% or more – in opposite directions each day.  The S&P 500 was down 2% on Wednesday, up more than 2% on Thursday, and down again on Friday nearly 3%.

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