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Here's the newest Stock World Weekly:  Illusion Based on a Fantasy

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Here is this week's Stock World Weekly Newsletter. As always, feedback appreciated.

"As it turns out, our ‘Secret Santa’ was The Bernank – and he bought us a bag full of money!” - Phil

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Here's the latest Stock World Weekly Newsletter. Enjoy! - Ilene

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The stock market has been on cruise control for the holidays, with the bulls teasing the bears occasionally but giving little back. Powered by the Fed’s cash machine, the SPY has continued on its strong December path. The market is now in blue sky territory, and not even China interest rate hikes and lower consumer confidence readings can stop it.

Here's the latest Stock World Weekly. We hope all of you had a great holiday weekend! - Ilene

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The bulls continue to steamroll bears during December, despite closing November with ominous weakness. Powered by the Fed, the SPY bounced convincingly from strong support at 118 and has not looked back, even powering through November resistance at 123 with only a brief pause to reload.