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Bulls are trying mightily to ensure the Santa rally holds into year-end and close the year in the positive, as all eyes remain on Europe.

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Okay, Virginia, Maybe There is a Santa Claus . . .

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Will Jingle Bulls Sleigh the Bears?

“A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles. “ -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ask yourself a question now there's a multiple choice
‘you've only one shot, get it right’, says a distance voice
Don't get your head into a spin
If only you could see the mess you're in
The enemy is closing in see the white of his eye
He's taking in his prey in sight it's just a matter of time
May the games begin the best man win
If only you could see the mess you're in

Is it the pride in you that won’t let go
Is it the fool that won’t let it show

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Like the nice employer who never fails to pay a Christmas bonus every year, Santa seems bound and determined to give bulls the year-end rally they have come to expect. But bears aren’t going away quietly—although bulls got some unintended help from the bears with Tuesday’s short-covering-fueled rally.


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Bah! Humbug!

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

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Excerpts from this week's Stock World Weekly

No Euros Please

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“There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. “ - -Will Rogers

As the year fades into its final two weeks, it remains something of a coin-flip as to whether or not Wall Street ends the year in the red or the black.

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After a nice pop last Friday and an aborted attempt to get it going again on Tuesday, stocks were down 3% for the week through Wednesday. Among the ten U.S. sector iShares, Energy (IYE) and Basic Materials (IYM) have led the market down this week. The “risk-off” movement has sent investors into the safety of the dollar and Treasuries at the expense of stocks and commodities.

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What Merry Christmas? What Happy New Year?

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

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“As a novelist, I tell stories and people give me money. Then financial planners tell me stories and I give them money.”  -- Martin Cruz Smith

Beneath the daily noise of the continuing saga know as the European Union sovereign debt crisis, there is a strong underlying tremor going on, one that might eventually shake out as a major shift in the alignment of global financial power.

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News of two new Direxion ETF's based on Sabrient Indexes appeared on Reuters last week:

  • Direxion Large Cap Insider Sentiment Shares ETF
  • Direxion All Cap Insider Sentiment Shares ETF

The large cap ETF will be based on a Sabrient Systems weighted index consisting of 100 stocks within the S&P 500 Index, while the All Cap ETF will track another Sabrient weighted index and include 100 stocks in the S&P 1500 universe.

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When the leaders of the European Union gather in Brussels this Friday for the final EU Summit of the year, they won’t be lacking for attention.

In fact, Wall Street, the European bourses and just about everyone else on the planet with a significant stake in the global economy will be listening in to the conversation, to see if the EU’s key players finally get it right.

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Progress in EU Leads Market Rally

By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

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A Concerted Effort to Stick A Fast Thumb in the Dike

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”--Albert Einstein

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