Clearly the market wants the fiscal cliff resolved and in a way that doesn’t destroy or seriously hurt the economy.  Today was proof.  President Obama and House Speaker Boehner’s 45 minute meeting generated a solid market advance in excess of 1%, despite a horrid Empire State Manufacturing index release.  The days remaining until “the cliff” are dwindling fast.

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Markets have been signaling a willingness to look past the deluge of troubling news and move higher. This is bullish behavior. On Tuesday, market psychology displayed its positivity as initial weakness on bad news was quickly reversed. Rather than demanding that the Fed initiate a QE3, investors seem to be happier with indications from the Fed that the economy might be able to muddle along without it.

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U.S. stocks are raring to rally. Earnings reports have been quite good. Consumers are spending despite stubbornly high unemployment. Interest rates are at rock bottom, which is good for borrowing and also makes stock yields relatively attractive. So what’s the problem? Oh, just the usual—fear of a European debt meltdown triggering a global recession.

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