Walmart-Gate, Dutch-Gate, Netflix-Gate, Exit-Gate!

This could be the “exit gate” but probably not.  Over the weekend, the New York Times released a blockbuster story about Walmart’s (WMT) alleged massive cover-up of serious violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act involving more than $24 million dollars in bribes to accelerate store openings and bypass permit and zoning practices.  The stock was down 4.55% today, at $59.54.

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Here we are again wondering what the market wants.  Today, it clearly wasn’t Technology stocks, as various issues dragged both Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) lower.

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This Could be THE Week

The S&P 500 really cut it close today.  Much like last Friday’s measly comeback for +0.1% gain for the week, it gained +0.22 points, up a whopping +0.016%.

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What?  Me Worry?

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Sleeping Well Whether the Bulls Run or Retreat

by David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient

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Bulls Keeping Their Horns Sharp

by David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

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What the Market Wants? Earnings, Apparently

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4 GARP Stocks for Precarious Times

by David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

The S&P 500 moved ahead 1.5% today, seemingly oblivious to multiple global threats, a shaky domestic economic recovery, and a market that is still weak by most technical standards.

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Editor’s note: The Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio, managed by David Brown, is a long/short, absolute-return portfolio of 13 Longs and 13 Shorts.  Each week David reviews one long position and one short position and either renews or replaces the stocks, based primarily on the stocks' scores in the Sabrient Outlook Rankings.

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Stocks over Bonds, Small Caps over Large

by David Brown, Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems

We’re going to start with what I do know – and then I’ll tell you what I don’t know.

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