Sentimental Journey to the Southside

by Daniel Sckolnik of ETF Periscope

“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.”  ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Talk about a serious display of bad feelings.

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I hope you enjoyed the Fourth of July fireworks on Sunday, because there might not be much to celebrate on Wall Street this week.

Last week we warned that if most of the impending economic releases were negative, the market would likely fall worse than it did the week before.  And that’s what happened.  In fact, it dropped approximately twice as much as the week before. (It doesn’t feel so good to be right.)

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Thrusting Thursday - Where's Our Rocket Fuel?

By Phil Davis at Phil's Stock World

We just cannot get this party started!

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Perhaps it was the new senator from Massachusetts who let the bears out, but I suppose it was a bit more than that. When the week began on Tuesday, after the Martin Luther King holiday, the bulls were grazing happily on GARP stocks, as contented as California cows.  But then somebody opened that gate, and the bears roared through and the bulls ran for cover.

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Stocks came strongly out of the gate last Monday to kick off the 2010 Wall Street race. And indeed the market advanced throughout the week, albeit fitfully, with the S&P 500 starting the week at 1114 and closing at 1144. So let's recap last week's market data for some insight on where we should be looking to invest now.

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Last week, the market was very selective, with only Large-cap Growth in positive territory -- think Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), Amazon (Nasdaq:  AMZN), and American Express (NYSE: AXP). All other cap/styles were negative -- and the smaller you were, the more you lost. In fact, this entire month the market has beat up on small-caps with its "the smaller you are, the more you lose" bias.

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David Brown

David Brown

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