Despite last week’s little rally, April showers have dampened market. While it didn’t build into a torrential downpour, it steadily showered investors with worse-than-expected economic data, including last week’s dreadful Durable Goods Report (-4.2% compared to last month’s +1.9%), continued but minor increases in initial jobless claims throughout April, and a disappointing initial Q1 estimate of GDP (+2.2% compared the previous quarter’s +3.0%).

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“One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” -- Henry Miller

Investors seemed to have regained their collective mojo, powering the S&P 500 Index (SPX) back up to the 1400 mark for the first time in three weeks. The upward move by SPX was fueled mostly by better-than-expected first quarter earnings, which increased the bottom line for the benchmark index by 1.8% on the week.

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Features this week include:

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"The Pain in Spain: More Room for a Short ETF Bet?"

Sabrient's Daniel Sckolnik was quoted at length in this article by Ronald Fink in Institutional Investor:

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US Airways and Rockwell Collins Help Getting in Tune; Short HBI


I’m singing this note ‘cause it fits in well

With the chords I’m playing

I can’t pretend there’s any meaning here

Or in the things I am saying

But I’m in tune

Right in tune

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Apple. Need I say more?

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Housing Data: Shiller Unaware Bernankinflation Winning

Courtesy of guest author Lee Adler of the Wall Street Examiner

Poor Robert Shiller is behind the curve

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Walmart-Gate, Dutch-Gate, Netflix-Gate, Exit-Gate!

This could be the “exit gate” but probably not.  Over the weekend, the New York Times released a blockbuster story about Walmart’s (WMT) alleged massive cover-up of serious violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act involving more than $24 million dollars in bribes to accelerate store openings and bypass permit and zoning practices.  The stock was down 4.55% today, at $59.54.

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“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” -- Lao Tzu

There is no doubt that this week will be strongly impacted by the sheer volume of S&P 500 companies reporting earnings over the course of the coming week. However, the longer term direction of Wall Street is more likely to be impacted by Sunday’s election in France.

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Here we are again wondering what the market wants.  Today, it clearly wasn’t Technology stocks, as various issues dragged both Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) lower.

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“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand. ” -- Sun Tzu

The cockiness that has been on display from Wall Street for much of the year seems to be on the wane.

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I want you to want me

I need you to need me

I’d love you to love me

I’m beggin’ you to beg me

I’ll shine up the old brown shoes

I put on a brand new shirt

I’ll get home early from work

If you say, that you love me

Cheap Trick

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You knew a bigger pullback would happen eventually. It was only a matter of when it would come, what would be the catalyst, and how far it would fall. In fact, investors have been hoping for a pullback to serve as an entry point to put more cash to work.

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Last Monday was a banner day for most indices with S&P 500 hitting at new 46-month high of 1422.  Alas, a week later, today, it closed at 1382, down nearly -3%.  The NASDAQ and DJIA exhibited similar behavior.

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Take a look around you, look nothing’s what it seems,

We’re living in a broken home of hopes and dreams,

Let me be the first to shake a helping hand.

Everybody, pray enough to take a stand,

I knocked on every door, on every dead end street,

Looking for forgiveness,

What’s left to believe?

Oh, if there’s one thing I hang on to,

It gets me through the night.

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“Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it.” -- George Santayana

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Editor’s note: Walt Gault is the guest author this week. David Brown will be back next week.

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“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” -- Buddha

You may forgive Wall Street if it is acting a bit giddy as of late. It has just come off one of its best first quarters in over ten years, and after the wild ride of 2011, who can blame it for a round or two of light-headed celebration?

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